Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Effetre 057 - Intense Blue

Effetre makes an Intense Blue - so does Vetro. But Effetre is 057 and Vetro is 058. Is this significant? Generally - if the numbers match - the colours are more or less equivalent.

This is one of my favorite shades of blue - just love this colour.

Here we have two self-coloured spacers - just a wonderful colour!

And - over white. Again - you can see I'm working too hot and starting to burn the glass. Or maybe it's just the white that keeps burning on me?

Heard a lovely story last night from one of my students. She was telling me that she took one of her first lampwork beads home to her six-year-old daughter - who was overjoyed with it. It was, as all our first beads are - a little wonky and, in this case, she had smoked the glass. But her daughter loved it. She tried to tell her that is really wasn't that great a bead - that she had burned the glass and that was why it looked like there was smoke in it.

Then she overheard her daughter telling a friend, in great tones of awe, "My mommy made this bead - and she even burned it."

It's all in the perspective. Repeat after me - "I meant to do that."

This particular colour falls into the colour range - the cobalts - that the electronic camera is - for want of a better term - slightly blind to, and does not reproduce well. It tends to look a little lighter and greener in photos than it really is. Below is an un-retouched photo - this is what the camera saw. I have tweaked the photos above to better match reality - on my monitors, anyway. Your mileage may vary. ;-)

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