Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Effetre 058 - Ink Blue, Ink Blue Pale, Ink Blue Violet

Meet the Ink Blue family.

From the top, we have Ink Blue Violet, in the center, Ink Blue Pale, and on the bottom, Ink Blue.

The difference in the rods seems quite extreme - but end results are a little closer in colour than the rods seem to indicate.

I've fiddled with the colour to better represent the actual colour of the beads for this second photo - but they are still darker and more violet than this actually shows.

From the left, Ink Blue, Ink Blue Pale, and Ink Blue Violet. The Ink Blue is a violet- a transparent reddish purple. The Ink Blue Pale is a little lighter, leans to the true balanced purple, neither reddish nor blueish. The Ink Blue Violet is definitely darker, and has more of the reddish overtones, like the Ink Blue.

These three have white dots with the transparent colour on top. Diluted and spread thin like this - the colour difference is less evident. They are again, from left to right, Ink Blue, Ink Blue Pale, and Ink Blue Violet.

Overall - a really pretty colour - and one that I used to turn to the Lauscha colour palette for.

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