Monday, November 23, 2009

Effetre 062 - Blue Rose

Well - what's all the fuss about Blue Rose? I see listings for it on ebay at mega prices - like it was some sort of silver loaded colour. I found that I had a pack - unopened - so what's the big deal?

It appears black actually - it's a very intense blue. Like a cobalt blue - but so dark that it will hold up no matter how you dilute it. These three spacers are, from the left, over clear, over white and self-coloured. Notice this last one might as well be black.

Here's a close up of the Blue Rose over clear. Pretty intense. This would be awesome in a twisty or stringer.

You can see in the third pic that even when pulled into a stringer - the colour is still very dark and intense.

So - not a reactive colour - but still - if you want a deep blue - as I seem to be on a blues kick right now - and you intend to drag the colour out thin - this may be what you are looking for.

Postscript. I have tried it on some flowers and it does look awesome. They are still at the store - so I'll have to bring them home and shoot them for you so you can see.

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