Monday, September 22, 2008

Moretti 644 - Marine Wave - New Batch

Here it is again - a second wave of Marine Wave - but this batch seems greener to me - I'll have to dig out the old sample to check.

Here is a spacer on the left, and in fact - it looks more aqua in the picture - so I really will have to compare. It does appear to be as bubbly as the first.

The second bead is a layer of that highly textured dichro, encased with Marine Wave and grooved. (Hold the sharp end of a stump shaper in place and "lathe" the molten glass into ridges. It appears to be a spiral but is actually 4 separate lines.)

This picture has been altered to show what appears to me to be more accurate colour on my monitor. Yep - that and a $1.50 will get you a cuppa coffee, I realize. Monitors, lightening conditions, etc., vary.

I would say what this most reminds me of is the "natural" colour of glass - you know that faintly bottle green that hasn't had anything added to it to make it truly clear. Which is a pretty cool colour. If you were making an homage to sea glass - this would be a good colour choice.

I still really like it - bubbles and all!

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