Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mor 257 - Sedona

Moretti 257 - Wait a minute! WTF? There's no 257!!?!!

Well - apparently there is. Mor 257, Sedona - a kissing cousin to Mor 256 - Orchid - otherwise know as EDP (Evil Devitrifying Purple) or Evil Purple.

The unworked rods do resemble EDP, not quite as vibrant in colour.

EDP is known for being very reactive and devitrifying (losing it's glossy, glassy look and taking on a matt appearance) when it is lightly heated. It would seem that 257 shares those characteristics.

In the background, a pressed paddle - showing a range of colours.

In front of that, two beads made with Sedona. The bead on the left was "struck" (waved in the flame for a gentle reheating after it cools to not glowing) - the bead on the right received no additional heat. You can see it has stayed a purple colour, while the struck bead has developed some overtones of orange and chestnut.

And, finally - in front, a Sedona bead with dots of Light Turquoise, melted in. The Turquoise has reacted with the Sedona and separated to form 3 distinct rings - a very thin ring of devitrification where the Turquoise and Sedona touch, and a dark aqua transparent in the centre of opaque turquoise. No aqua transparent was used - this is a reaction. I think we can conclude that this is apparently a reactive glass. ;-)

Here are the same three beads, seen from the end - there has been some devitrification at the mandrel - but not as much as one usually sees in the EDP.

Here's another look at the paddle - it was annealled. The rainbow of colours is very nice - very Sedona Sunsety. It's probably at least partially due to the rapid cooling of mashing it flat.

And just for fun, a marble made with Sedona, Crocus, and clear.

Interesting colour - I'm definitely looking forward to experimenting with this some more!

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