Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Moretti 276 Dark Ivory - New batch - Curdled Ivory

New batch of Dark Ivory. Moretti 276 - Dark Ivory is one of my favourite colours, and has been from the day I first sat down at a torch. I love it's reactiveness - it's variability, and it's character.

So I am just delighted to see this batch. The rods are oddly textured, bumpy - like many of the Vetro rods - but I am assured that this is actually Moretti.

Sometimes with the Dark Ivory, you will see wonderful colour striations in the glass, but when it comes out of the kiln, it is much less pronounced. This batch seems to retain it's multi-coloured character.

In fact - it resembled what your tea looks like when you absently-mindedly add cream to tea that you have already laced with lemon - curdled, tea-coloured milk. I know, that sounds nasty, but who amongst us hasn't suddenly thought, it the middle of some other train of thought - "That would make a great bead!"

This will be great for goddess and amphorae - great ancient look. I'm gonna stock up on this! I can hardly wait to use it with silver and turquoise and all the other reactive "tricks."


  1. Love all your reviews! Could you please tell me where you can find this latest batch of Ivory to buy?

  2. Thanks! I got this from Nortel in Canada - email Jean at jean@nortelmfg.com and ask for the "Curdled Ivory." ;-) or call them - 416 438 3325.