Monday, September 15, 2008

Black Pearl

Black Pearl - arrr Meti - this is the Black Pearl you've been wanting.

Looks pretty much like Nyx to me. Reduces to a metallic teal - and reduces easily.

Didn't kiln-strike for me the way Nyx does, however. An un-reduced bead (the black one with the blue marker) went on black and stayed black.

The saucer bead was reduced, encased and shaped - unfortunately, I "un-reduced" it in the encasing process and it has some colour, but is mostly just very, very dark.

However, the big spiral disk reduced up a treat and has some wonderfully rich blues, more blues than teals. Not sure if this is because the flame slides over the sides instead of hitting it straight on. Anyway - it bears further investigation and experimentation.


  1. Beautiful colors in the disk bead.

    I do enjoy your postings on new glass and colors.

  2. Yes, I've found that to be true - that the spiral disks will reduce really well, whereas a spacer or other bead with the same glass may not reduce very nicely. Something about the shape of the disk, and the angle the flame hits it.

    Like jette I also appreciate your posts on the glass colors. It really helps to know about a glass before I go buy it! Thanks!