Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CIM 661 Evil Queen

Pictured here, from the left,
The focus here is on the Evil Queen (and she wouldn't have it any other way.)

However - do you see a difference between the Grape Ape and the Evil Queen? (Sounds like the plot of a movie!). Not much of one - that's for sure, and you're thinking it might be all in your head.

The Plum looks pretty similar in this setting too, but the Plum is, as we've already learned, translucent. Here's some more of the Plum as small spacers.

And, as a small, sculptural piece.

And, finally, here is a shot of all of them again (Plus CIM 859 Marshmallow - more on that in a bit). The rods are, from the top, Grape Ape, Evil Queen, Cranberry 1. The beads are in the same order, from the top.

Evil Queen? Looks pretty much the same as Grape Ape. Some kinda profound statement there.

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