Thursday, November 02, 2017

Vetro 910

A chance conversation while browsing in Nortel the other day led me to revisit Vetro 910. I first reviewed it many years ago - hmm - I think I may have lost track of how long I have been doing this - anyway - I was investigating yellows and it was part of my comparison.

Anyway - the conversation was about Vetro 910 and how it looked green over black - probably due to an optical effect - rather than a chemical reaction between the glasses.

As Vetro 910 is a yellow that goes a goes a cooked squash colour - I thought this warranted investigation.

The rod itself appears to be a transparent with a core and an outer skin. I don't know what happens if you slice it up as murrini, however.

 When you wind off some self-coloured spacers - you get this - streaky cooked squash.

Trails of it over black, (Hades, I think) - give you this, however. Interesting, no?  Lots of webbing too.
 A lot of the webbing disappeared, and so did a lot of the vetro 910!
 This tablet with wider streaks of V910 show more of the webbing effect.

 It might be more interesting to make the base bead in V910 and trail black on it. This bead - the trails were very thin - the webbing was spectacular (when it was hot) and the black has eaten pretty much all the V910.

Ah - the nice safe, security of making my monochromatic bits on wire - no worries about colours playing nice together and I can just enjoy the streakiness!

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