Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Identify that glass: Aion2

The label came off (or it never had one) and you have some of that expensive striking or reducing high-silver glass from TAG or DH or somewhere and now you're scared to use it because it was expensive and you don't know which one it is.

OK - if it crystal clear, it might be Zephyr, Aether, or Aion2.

Zephyr and Aether are both actually clear. Zephyr is the clear of choice for encasing, and Aether is a little different and will make a difference if you are encasing silver glasses. We will tackle those later.

But, if you stick it in the flame and it goes golden yellow - you have a rod of Aion2 on your hands.

Seriously. This rod, these pieces. 


 Double Helix says this:

A silver rich color in a clear base, capable of producing blue and green fume effects and soft transparent pinks and purples. ... This new formula will replace Olympia Rain.

 In my experience - it strikes to a lovely gold / yellow luster by itself, reducing it will get you a soft purpleish luster.

Try it over black or other colours to play with the transmitted vs reflected light aspect.

This is an easy, unfussy glass to use.

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