Monday, November 20, 2017

Effetre 764 Martini Olive

A nice, new green from Effetre, Martini Olive is a streaky opaque with super creamy handling. It melts nice and handles beautifully. It has slightly yellowish overtones, and would be a nice background colour or foliage colour.

You can see from the layers in the rod why it is streaky! 

It reacts with turquoise (copper/sulfur), not with ivory - and does bleed a little - pretty normal for a soft, opaque colour. This bead is a base of clear (to extend the rod), encased in Martini Olive, trailed with Dark Sky Blue, dots in ivory, topped with dots in Martini Olive again.

 Some nice patterning, and you can see that the copper/sulfur reaction is crisp in some place, and diffuse in others.
 A nice varied green leaf.
For sure - I can see lots of uses for this one.

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