Monday, November 06, 2017

CiM 728 Canoe revisited

I wanted to check out some more of the reactive (or not) properties of CiM  Canoe.

In this case - I wanted to see what it did with the other reactive colours - turquoise and ivory, and how it faired with silver.

This bead is a transparent grey base (to save glass, as I didn't have much Canoe on hand), covered with Canoe, and then trails of light ivory and turquoise.

At the time it went into the kiln - I noted strong black areas - but I think that might have just been the Canoe while it was hot. You can see typical turq/ivory (copper/sulfur)  reactions. The Canoe bleeds into the ivory and turq, but doesn't form a dark line.

 This one is a base of clear (to stretch the glass), encased in Canoe, EDP on the left, and silver foil on the right. (Heat, mash, firepolish)

There are some interesting things going on around the EDP. You could probably get some interesting effects with making twisties from these two colours.

 The Canoe has fumed darker around the silver - so using it with some of the high-silver glasses could be interesting too.

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