Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Double Helix - Notos Revisited

I reviewed Notos a while back, but I thought I'd have another look at it, because, you know, I work
differently now; plus, I forgot what it looks like. ;-)

Double Helix says this about Notos:

Notos is a silver saturated super-luster with a subtle blue-grey-green tone.  This color is an enhanced, stronger lustering version of  OK-455, which proved very popular at the 2011 ISGB Gathering.  Reduce and encase with Zephyr for cool blue tones, and with Aether for soft green tones.  Repeated, gentle reduction can yield pink iridescent lusters.

Notos is, in fact, a pale slate blue colour in the unworked rod, and while that makes it easy to identify in the pile of high-silver glasses, you might accidentally leave it on the desk thinking that is was just a light blue-grey.

 It reduces, when cooled first, to a rich, warm yellow amber with hints of rainbow. The fuming from the silver makes the unreduced areas turn green, and the yellow colour overlays the blue.

 For comparison, Notos on the top, and Aion2 on the bottom. While you can talk about both of them being an amber lustre, the Aion2 is much more golden and the Notos is more of a dark honey with stirred-in dragonflies.

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