Friday, April 18, 2014

Riley Designs Dichro - Cyan / Dark Red

Cyan / Dark Red is one of the more common colours you will see in Dichro, along with the Magenta / Blue. Once again, I should have photo'd the rod before working it.

On the left, a core of CiM Orange Crush, a layer of dichro, and encased in Uroboros clear. On the right, a core of Uro clear, dichro, and encase Uro clear.

Kind of hard to get the rationale for the name from these pics, but who cares, they are yummy.

 These are a base of CiM Mariner (a transparent teal), a layer of dichro, and encase in Uro clear. The dichro is more like green and gold, with just a hit of red.

Definitely a cooler look to the colours than the last dichro, though. Cool as in color, not cooler as in desirability - which they are both equally gorgeous.

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