Thursday, April 10, 2014

CiM 106 Firecracker

Speaking of firecrackers (last post was a wine glass and a firecracker), Firecracker is suddenly a HOT name in glass, with both a CiM Firecracker and an Effetre Firecracker landing on my bench last week. (The Effetre, I will get to later.)

The CiM Firecracker is a gorgeous, intense "power" red, a transparent that goes cloudy as you work it more. I have reviewed Firecracker in the past, but got different results, with it being slower to strike.

The top bead has solid ends, and a clear core, encased in Firecracker. 

The bottom row is two self coloured beads on the left, and a clear core encase in Firecracker on the right.

 Here are those two self-coloured beads. The first one made, on the left, is opaque, from the process of heating and cooling, and the next one is less opaque, it has been through fewer heating and cooling cycles.

Even with a clear core - some cloudiness has happened, due to keeping the other beads warm.

I started with two bead of solid Firecracker for the ends, and then in-filled with clear, and encased the clear with more firecracker. You can see the spiral of cloudiness from laying down the Firecracker and melting it in.

It's a super pretty, bright red, no traces of brown in it. If you don't mind the opacity - it's still a win!

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