Monday, April 14, 2014

Comparison: CiM Reds

OK - time for a head to head comparison - these brilliant CiM transparent reds. They are yummy, yummy, yummy - but how different are they?

We're going to look at 4 reds: from the top, CiM  113 Rudolph, CiM 106 Firecracker, CiM 101 Marachino, CiM 111 Bing.

 And here is the other end of the same rods, in the same order. In real life, they are this similar too.

 Because they look diffent over clear, I tried them both way. The top is a clear cylinder, with stripes of (from the left), Rudolph, Firecracker, Marachino, Bing. And the con-joined bead on the bottom is the same order, from the left, Rudolph, Firecracker, Marachino, Bing.
  Close up, from the left, Rudolph, Firecracker, Marachino, Bing. The Marachino is slightly darker, the Bing appears to be slightly more orange. The firecracker looks slightly more streaky, but otherwise, the same colour as Rudolph.
 And again, a close up, over clear, from the left, Rudolph, Firecracker, Marachino, Bing.Functionally, no difference.
 And with a strong backlight - the Marachino bead is noticeably more opaque.

Damn. I just realized I left Radio Flyer out of this test. Poop.

All great reds - love 'em. Firecracker and Rudolph are pretty much interchangeable, I would say.

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