Friday, April 04, 2014

CiM 607 Vineyard

CiM Vineyard appears to be an opal - puts me in mind of "Eggplant."

It is a dark purple - mostly reads as opaque, but has a translucent quality to it.

From the left,  self-coloured, over clear, and self coloured. The rightmost bead (with less re-heating) - is quite a bit darker.

This rather handsome bead is a core of Vineyard, rolled silver foil and melted in, trailed with something that I'm not quite sure what it was - I thought it was ivory, but I may have picked up Desert Pink or Eff Petal Pink. Final step - encased in Zeus.

 And these I show just for the colour - the lids are made of Vineyard in both cases.

I am not happy with these - but it's not the fault of the glass. Please don't judge.

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