Saturday, August 06, 2011

CiM Yellow Comparison

In case this past week of "yellow journalism" has left you confused as to which yellow is which, here is a comparison, head to head.

The top mandrel is self coloured spacers, and the bottom mandrel has turquoise (maybe Eff. Light Sky Blue) dots.

From the left we have:
302: Submarine
301: Canary
201: Marigold
202: Hollandaise

The Marigold and Hollandaise are true opaques - the Canary and Submarine are streaky transparent/opaque. All react with turquoise (so presumably with all copper-based colours, greens, turquoises, etc.). The Canary is the purest yellow, the Submarine slightly warmish, and the Marigold being distinctly on the warm side, and the Hollandaise being a more muted shade of the Marigold.

Yay for yellow! There are lots of choices now!

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