Saturday, August 20, 2011

CiM 601: Mulberry Ltd Run

CiM Mulberry. Well - this was a bit of a disappointment - although, really it shouldn't be.

The beads are darker than the rod colour - almost black - but that wasn't the shock. It was just such a pretty colour when it was hot, and I had such high hopes for it!

These two self-coloured spacers - dark, opaque plum colour. But when they were hot and went into the kiln they were yummy! Blues and purples!

Although - this bead with ivory - there appears to be some separation in the ivory that could be interesting.

Same bead, other side, some swirliness appears to indicate that this colour could be more interesting if diluted.

Really - I'm only disappointed in this because of how I hoped it would turn out, based on how it looked hot.

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  1. I found this disappointing as well but I am grateful to you for the test with ivory. I bought a pound of the mulberry so now at least I have some hope of either using it with ivory/SIS or perhaps mixing it with clear to lighten the density. Thanks for the review and the ideas!