Monday, August 08, 2011

CiM 802: Journey Ltd Run

CiM Journey - take a little trip with me.

Journey looks like a transparent grey - at an angle or just handling it, most of the time - but stick a sheet of white paper behind it, and it's "Huh? I have a rod of transparent light purple?"

However, it works up to be a warm, smokey grey with a brownish overtone.

It also really, really wants to boil. I thought it might be the result of the cut end of the rod - so I picked the scum off and tried again.

Nah - it just wants to boil. This bead (below) has retained a smidgeon of the purplish character, actually. It's possible I adjusted the flame - so maybe the degree of brownness vs purplishness is a matter of flame chemistry.
This has white dots, with Journey over the top of them.
However, if you work it cool - I switched to the Mega (from the midrange) and keep the glass moving - so that you don't get a hot spot on the front! - it IS possible to work it without it boiling. This is a nice clear spacer, but there is a tendril of brown in there - not sure what that means.

In that case - it's actually a pretty nice colour. Like a smokey quartz colour.


  1. I had the same experience when I tested it for CIM a couple months back. I do like the smokey nature of it and look forward to playing with it with some silver glass soon.

  2. Weird, my Journey stays grey.