Thursday, August 04, 2011

CiM 201: Marigold Ltd Run

This is CiM 201 - Marigold. This is a great shade of yellow - just a little on the warm/reddish side - a corn yellow, a hot summer yellow, an autumn leaf yellow.

The rods I tried were a little shocky, which is surprising for a CiM glass.

This is a completely opaque colour, unlike the Canary and Submarine, which are transparent/opaque.

You can see from the pic that it reacts a little with turquoise.

I really like this colour.

One of the things that is really impressing me with these new hot colours from CiM is that they really stay true to the rod colour. I've included the rod in the photo so that you can see that the annealed bead is the same colour as the unworked rod.

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