Saturday, June 25, 2011

TAG Fire Lotus on Red

Taking a suggestion from one of the comments on my post on Fire Lotus - I tried Fire Lotus over red. Not sure which red this was - Eff 436 maybe.

Got some definitely interesting results.

This was a base of red, Fire Lotus in the centre, a stringer of Belladonna Purplescent on each side. melted in, raked side to side, melted back in, and mashed with the Truly Parallel Mashers - using the lentil cavities.

Finally - it was reduced in a Dragon's Breath flame. The reduction was for the benefit of the Purplescent, not the Fire Lotus.

I am quite intriqued by the greenish area in the centre, that appears to have sunk in.

This is the other side - and the effect is even more striking. Interesting, eh?
Also intriguing is the strong fuchsia and red blush at the side of the bead, where the heat action was different (not firepolished, for one.)

This shot shows the reduction on the purplescent.

Definitely some interesting stuff going on there.

I really do wish that the manufactures of these exotic glasses would publish/write what the bead looks like before it goes into the kiln, along with the results. That red/fuchsia was an ugly dark mark on the sides that I firepolished out, or was it?

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