Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Glass - Belladonna - First Look

New line of boutique glass - love that term btw - Boutique Glass - says it all, I think - anyway - new line of specialty 104 glasses from Donna Milliron at Arrow Springs. There are 3 new glasses, Moody Blue, Purplescent, and Black Diamond. The first two are reducing, and the third is supposed to be a black that stays black but doesn't bleed.

First up - Moody Blue. This was a core of clear, encased with Moody Blue, and mashed with one of the fishbone mashers, then reduced in a Dragon's Breath flame. Impressively blue silver metallic, and while you can't tell from this photo, I did not manage to get the bead evenly encased - there are clear areas that have fumed from the silver (presumably) in the glass.

This was was Moody Blue and Purplescent, stringers (the glass comes as stringer) making a double serpentine on the surface of the bead. It's quite nice too.

This one is a clear core, lightly encased with just purplescent, and reduced in a dragon's breath flame. Not so dramatic - I think I must have blown this one.

This was Moody Blue over clear, but I burned through the mandrel and it dropped and lost shape. I did get to reduce it though, before tossing it in the kiln. Purdy shiny.

So - initial results look promising. Read here for more info about this exciting new glass!

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  1. Gail DB2:57 p.m.

    Love that second bead a whole bunch! Does Nortel carry this Glass? How does the price compare to say, TAG DH?