Friday, June 03, 2011

Effetre 217: Green Mint

Effetre 217 Green Mint. Copper Green by any other name. It looks like Effetre 219 Copper Green - it behaves like it too.

On the right - self coloured - 217 Green Mint. On the left, base of Green Mint with Ivory dots in the centre, and EDP dots on the left and right.

On the left, plain spacer, Copper Green (Eff. 219) on the left half of the bead, the right half is 217 Green Mint. The dotted bead on the right is again, a bead of Copper Green on the left and a base of Green Mint on the right. EDP dots are on both sides.

The unworked rods look the same even - which was what got me to thinking about comparing them. Effetre 217 and 219. Seem pretty similar, and 217 is less expensive.

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