Friday, June 17, 2011

Seeded 104 COE Tubing

Got my hands on some Seeded 104 tubing. Not quite sure what to make of this yet - or what to make with it.

It's about 5 - 5.5 mm across, with a 3 mm hole - making it a 1 mm thick walled tube - more or less. It is "seeded" with bubbles, and has a light, airy look to it.

So I did the obvious thing with it. I tried making a couple of beads. And here they are. The bubbles translated into a bubbly inside. Kinda cool.

It is really shocky, which I had heard. Not "explode" shocky, but the ends keep dropping off the rod before it's hot enough to do anything with.

I did try blowing - it is a tube, after all - but I was having trouble getting enough heat to get the glass moving. I guess I'll have to try pre-heating it.


Here's a pic of the tubing - so you know what it looks like preheating.

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  1. I just got some as well. I started by wrapping a coil pot of some periwinkle pastel, blowing that out and braking it into some shards. That worked out pretty well. Had I wrapped a larger coil pot I probably could have made a small vase or container. Not sure yet how the tube will hold up with any kind of weight on the end. We shall see.