Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Vetro 824: Purple Plum

Vetro Purple Plum - one of the family of opaque purple glasses that go brownish when worked, much like Effetre 274 New Dark Violet and CiM Grape Ape.

In fact - brown-ish denies that this glass pretty much reads as brown.

This glass, after being worked, looks like a nice organic brown, like a cocoa.

One thing I did notice, see on the right most bead, next to the mandrel?

Here's a closer view - almost like a devitrification - a distinctly metallic area. This is intriquing, worthy of further investigation.

This bead has dots of CiM Ginger (not ivory).
And this has dots of clear, which has retained the purple look. In between, the glass has darkened.

Interesting potential for some patterns with clear dots or stringer, and an interesting colour for an organic, brown background, or small animals - horses perhaps?

Definitely would like to experiment some more and see if that metallic sheen was a fluke or can be reproduced reliably.

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