Sunday, February 13, 2011

Effetre 420 Coral - Sunburst

I stand by my position - no two batches of Coral ever come out the same. This is variation "Sunburst" - and it is as happy and cheerful a shade of orange as you could wish for. It is a pretty shade of orange, and not really coraly at all.

Below, from the left, two self-coloured beads, one with clear dots (making the colour underneath a little lighter - common with orange glass, and the rightmost bead has dots of CiM Celadon. Notice a little reaction at the edges of the dots. Nice.

The bead on the left here is dotted with Triton, and reduced, and shows much darker - due to the effects of the silver in the Triton. Also common for orange and red glasses.

Looks to be a happy orange colour that behaves in predictable ways. And - I think I may have forgotten what colour 420 Coral was originally anyway. I guess it goes back to how far back "original" is for you!

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  1. I find it so wonderfull the stuff you make. Thanks