Tuesday, February 01, 2011

CiM Grape Ape vs Evil Queen Revisited

Recently - I ran out of CiM Evil Queen for an order. Could I substitute CiM Grape Ape? I know the colours aren't the same exactly, but really - this is a set of bead with lots of other colours and I have some leeway. Let's just do some testing. Better to test a mandrel of beads than do an hour and decide I have to toss them all.

So, all of these have a base of Evil Queen. I was working from the right, and so I have dots of Grape Ape on the first two, and stripes on the third. Well - isn't that interesting -I'm getting quite a bit of separation between the two.

Do you suppose it will separate with itself? So - the fourth bead, on the bottom, at the left, is Evil Queen dots on an Evil Queen base. And, in defiance of logic, you can still see the dots.

Here's a closer view, although the reflections from the light aren't helping much.
Here's a close up of the Grape Ape dots on Evil Queen. Notice the discolouration of the Grape Ape - the shifting to a warm silvery brown. Hmmm.

Here the base is Grape Ape, and the bead on the right has nice, purple Evil Queen dots. The bead on the left is Grape Ape dots on a Grape Ape base. Whoa - they show up. I wonder if other colours do this?
On the right - Effetre Periwinkle (Good old reliable periwinkle). Check it out - the subtle dot on dot pattern of Periwinkle dots on a Periwinkle base. This isn't a batch difference - it's the same rod of glass.

The white bead, much to my relief, does not show dots. Although, I could make them out while it was hot ... .

Yet another way to add a subtle texture and interest to a bead, and perhaps a way to control and manipulate the streakiness of some glasses. (Think ivory.)

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  1. Gail DB2:51 p.m.

    This is really interesting, Dwyn. Who would have thunk? I'm quite liking Grape Ape dots on Evil Queen -- I may throw in a bit of transp green, or some yellow, or OH... Gaia DH! That Gaia makes just about anything more gorgeous.