Wednesday, April 07, 2010

CiM Sangre and Double Helix Aurae Aion

Please note. I apparently can't read my own handwriting. This posting is supposed to illustrate using Double Helix Aurae over Sangre. The results are reported accurately - except that the glass I used was actually Aion, not Aurae. So this is what you get by using Aion over Sangre. See this post for Actually using Aurae over Sangre.

I can not take any credit for this colour combination - well, except that I did do something similar quite a while back, I have the beads on my watch still. Don't seem to be able to find the post though.

I was reading someone else's blog the other day - and they mention CiM Sangre + Double Helix Aurae. And the pics - blue on red. Kewel! (And - I can not remember, nor find, whose blog that was - so if you recognize the blog - or yourself - I apologize. Please let me know and I'll update this.)

Double Helix Aurae Aion trails over CiM Sangre. Hot d4mn - I like it!

Just for fun, Clio over Sangre. Interesting - not quite as dramatic.

Aurae Aion dots on Sangre, the dots on the left most bead have clear on top.

Clear base bead, encased Sangre (as I don't have that much of it laying around), Encased with Aurae Aion. I was expecting blue all over. Eww. Not so much. Added trails of ivory. Getting ugly. Haze developing. Ick, Ick, Ick. Hit it with reduction flame. Blue popped. Bead saved! Score!

Clear base, encased with Double Helix Clio. Dots in Aurae. Way cool!

Does it have to be CiM Sangre? This is Effetre 438 Opaque Dark Purple Red. Centre dots are Aurae Aion with clear, outer dots are Clio, with clear. Apparently - it just needs to be red.

Clear base, dots of 438, Aurae Aion dots on top, with some dots in between that are just Aurae Aion. Melt smooth.

Silver saturated glass + red glass = interesting effect.


  1. Very cool beads. I think you might have seen the sangre and triton combination on Frantz art glass' blog. You've run with this in a lot of different ways, though. I can't wait to dig out the sangre and try it out.

  2. CIM's Clockwork with a blue-based DH glass is cool too!

  3. I tried out your suggestion of Aurae and Sangre. I have posted the bead set, named "Aegle"
    on my blog at
    They turned out an amazing opal like blue.. So cool!
    I will have to try out the other comment from Jody Lee for Clockwork.. sounds fun!

    Love your blog, especially all your reviews. I consider it my encyclopedia reference guide when I am considering purchasing new glass colours! Thank you so much for all you do for your fellow lampworkers!

  4. Anonymous6:53 p.m.

    I am relatively new to the lampwork world...and loving every minute...well almost, I just bought some double helix Terra Nova Frit but I'm not having good luck with it because I'm using a Hothead Torch? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks. Cheryl B.

  5. Sounds like your torch may be the issue. Note the comment on Double Helix's page about Terra Nova: "... struggled with this color at first- but i was working on a HH- but once i tried it on my minor- well i have three pounds of it ..."