Monday, April 05, 2010

Effetre 250: Lover Boy

The rods sure look interesting - but the beads work out to be somewhat less interesting.

Unless you count the fact that they look completely different in different lights!

This is a streaky, opaque colour-shift - being blue in fluorescent light and pale pinky lavender in incandescent light. The rods are pale orange on one side, and that results in some orange streaks - but not enough to look deliberate - just enough to look like you messed up.

The Blue is kinda washed out, and the pink/lav is a nice enough colour if a bit pale, but with incandescent lights being taken off the market left, right and centre, unless you are stock-piling them, you're going to be living in a world lit by ghastly fluorescent light only soon anyway.

In the commercial bead world, we know this colour as Alexandrite.

Oh, and it doesn't appear to care for being encased - although one bead is hardly definitive. But still - we've seen other of these streaky odd lots that don't like to be encased either.

The verdict? Meh to Lover Boy. The existing Effetre 221 pastel Lavender is a much nicer glass to work and has the same colour shift.

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