Friday, February 12, 2010


Needed to reproduce a bead I made some time about - a couple of years ago. Right - like I'm going to be able to do that. Not exactly anyway.

However, one of the characteristics of it is the use of different turquoises.

This is a base of Lauscha Turquoise - which I like a lot because it doesn't tend to reduce and get that dull, grey layer in the kiln during annealing. These are streaked with intense black and Effetre Light Sky Blue. Notice the Light Sky Blue has reacted with the Lauscha Turquoise and made dark lines.

However - where the Intense black has interacted with the Light Sky Blue - check out the really fabulous silver effect. Not the reduction grey - but a really awesome, shiny silver.

I've seen this reaction before - but never been quite sure which glass it was that was doing the reacting.

That's awesome. I'll have to try some more with that.


  1. What gorgeous colours. That's just incredible to see how the reaction between the two different colours can get the silver effect. Great experience. Thanks to share.

  2. Love that reaction, must go try it out I think!!! Thank you!