Monday, February 08, 2010

Copper Ruby Frit

As I start to learn more about using frit, and really making it do something - I start to have more successes. Imagine! What-a-concept.

Not that I'd call these stunning successes - but I'm starting to get some sense of what is happening, or isn't.

These bead is a white base, with silver foil wrapped on one end, and melted in. Then a Copper Ruby stringer is scribbled on it.

On the silver - it has done some interesting things. Noting that, ...
I tried the frit directly on Aion - a double helix silver colour.

Still too dark - but it looked better hot.

And again, on Aion, and then encased. Hmm - definitely more interesting.


  1. Aïon has great results, it is a pure beauty. Thanks to share with us.

  2. Love the last one on Aion!! mmmm