Saturday, February 06, 2010

CiM 140 - Lipstick

I'm an idiot. I have blogged this colour before. I whined about how it was hard to get the colour to show accurately on the monitor. I'm an idiot.

It's a freakin' colour change glass. (Sound of head smacking on wall) Doh!

This first pic - in my little photography set up - and I'm looking at this going - "No one would call this 'Lipstick' - but it would make a great horse colour."

And then I thinks to meself - go get the rods and photo them to show how much the colour changes after working. And lo - the rods are the same colour as the bead. The light dawned.

And here it is - under a hot, incandescent light. Brick Red.


(More banging of head on wall.)

Strong like ox. Smart like streetcar.

Ivory dots, no apparent reaction.

And, 4th pic, from the left,

  • self coloured with intense black dots. Note silver rim on dots
  • encased with distorted dots
  • and far right, spacer with thin layer encasing. Makes it look lighter.

I had encountered some coffee-bean-shaped beads that were this colour - colour shift. And, at the time, I wondered if there was a glass that did that too. Apparently yes, the answer was - wait for it ... under my nose.


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  1. Beautiful colors, love the chocolate with intense black. Thanks to share.