Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CiM 701 Ginger and CiM 703 Butter Pecan

In a more politically incorrect day, these two might have been called "Flesh."

They are certainly a close match for my lily-white winter pallor, but hey - that's just easy-to-sunburn me!

So I can definitely see using these for all the angels and mermaids and fairy beads that you might want to make.

In the unworked rods, the Butter Pecan looks a little lighter, and the Ginger is a smidge darker and a little pinkier.

First up, Ginger. Not the ginger of the spice, but the pale pink of sliced, fresh ginger. A little streaky - and seriously - an excellent match for skin colour.

This is with Raku frit - a gather dipped in frit and wound. This is specifically Lauscha Raku frit.

And this is with turquoise dots.

Next up, Butter Pecan. A paler shade. A sort of warm ivory. Not as obviously streaky.

Again, with turquoise.

And, with Raku frit again, same as above. The colours don't seem quite as intense, but maybe there just wasn't as much raku on the gather.

And finally, in a head-to-head comparison. This is a Ginger base on the left (with the black dot) and a Butter Pecan base on the right, with dots, Butter Pecan on the left and Ginger on the right. When hot - it is really difficult to tell them apart, but once melted, they are quite distinctive.

I've been using the Butter Pecan for horse beads for sometime, but I think I will try the Ginger. I like the richer colour.


  1. Anonymous6:07 p.m.

    yessssss, ginger is the best ;)
    thank`s for your post . . .

  2. Is Butter Pecan a non-reactive ivory colour? That would be cool to have in my colour palette.

  3. I think it is a little warmer than ivory - but it would certainly be close. You can see from the pics that it does not react with turquoise!