Friday, May 08, 2009

Slowing Down

I've had precious little time at the torch lately (but the good news is, Abby is recovering quite nicely - in physiotherapy now and I see improvement every day!).

So, for a change at Happy Hour torching - I thought I'd drag out the shampoo glass that I bought some years ago. If you aren't familiar with it - it has that pearly shimmer that shampoo has. As I remember - I need to work it cool - so I plonk myself down at a Minor torch for the first time in quite some time - fire it up, and the first impression I had was - "awww - what a cute widdle fwame. Isn't that adorable!"

Do NOT pet the flame. I can remember when a Minor Burner's flame was big and scary! And now it's cute. My, my, how things change.

And yes - I'll post pics of the beads when I get them back - but they are at the studio so I won't see them till I'm in next.

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