Wednesday, May 20, 2009

CiM Olive and CiM Commando

Two new greens from Creation is Messy - and while the unworked rods look different - I have to admit - the resulting beads look very similar. The olive does seem a little lighter, and somewhat streakier.

The second pic shows the heated ends of the rod - same order as the first pic - the darker one is the Commando.

The top mandrel (with the small green marker) is the Commando. The bottom mandrel (with the red marker bead) is the Olive.

The bead on the center mandrel is half and half. The left side is Olive, and the right side (with the ivory dot) is Commando. Here's a close up of it on the right.

However, it does look like the Commando is more reactive with Ivory.

This dot on dot bead on the left is Command and Ivory.

This triple row of dots is the same ivory on the Olive - and there appears to be much less of a reactive line.

Interesting, no?

It's a nice shade of green. This recent batch of new colours is a nice addition to the color palette.

BTW - I also love the silky texture of these rods - they feel so nice in the hand when working them!

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