Friday, May 22, 2009

More on the New CiM colours

Well - I found the "preview" page on the CiM site - and their pic of Olive is much more of a yellowy green - so I thought I would just try the Olive/Commando comparison again.

Sorry - but I still can't see that much of a difference. This poor little froggy is Olive with Commando spots - and I still can't see a dramatic difference. Maybe I got mis-labled rods.

Apols to the froggy too - I let him get too cold and he has been shedding limbs since I took him out of the kiln.

I also said I thought a peach would be fun from the Phoenix - here it is. A mashed tablet, with Commando leaves.

And finally - as I suspected - the Adamantium makes a great horse - black is too hard to see the details after - this color works out much better.

The bottom pony has a Metallic Black or Dark Silver Plum mane - the other two have intense black manes.

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