Sunday, May 17, 2009

CiM - Adamantium

Way back when - oh, about a million years ago, in a former life - my then-boyfriend headed out of town, looking for greener pastures. (He went to Toronto to look for work, actually.) He left me with one of his most precious possessions - 3 cartons of individually bagged comic books - all lovingly collected and preserved. Mostly Marvel comics - including a near-complete collection of the Uncanny X-Men. (And a list of things I couldn't do while reading them. Don't break the spines, don't eat, no liquids. But I was allowed to read them!)

So that was how I discovered Wolverine. AKA Logan - the Canadian lone-wolf beserker mutant with a super-healing ability, an implanted, unbreakable Adamantium skeleton, a mysterious past, and attitude to burn. The coolest hero ever to walk the pages of a comic book. I was a Wolverine fan looooong before the movies.

So - imagine my delight that CiM has a new color "Adamantium."

The unworked rods are a silky matte grey that actually doesn't look like glass to the casual glance. In fact, my husband was momentarily puzzled be the rod I handed him - "Is this glass?"

Adamantium is a dark, warm, slightly streaky grey. (A warm grey is a slightly brownish grey, as opposed to a cool grey - which is slightly blueish.)

It seems to get darker, the longer it is worked.

Notice, in this picture - the single bead (right, top) was reduced - and looks darker. (And in life too.) The two pairs of beads (lower two mandrels) - the beads on the right also seem a little darker (not much), and they were made first on the mandrels and so were heated, cooled and reheated more times than the beads on the left of the mandrel.

These two are Adamantium and Ivory (Moretti Light Ivory.) There is a little bleeding of colors - but no apparent reaction.

These two beads, indicated with magenta arrows, have melted-in clear dots.

In short - this is a silky, organic color that I can see being a very useful addition to the colour palette. I like the warm grey, and I can see using this for, say, my horse beads.

Hard to imagine as it is that I would get excited about a grey, this is a really nice accent colour and a good colour to use with other colors.

Unlike Wolvie's skeleton, however, I can't imagine that this Adamantium is unbreakable. ;-)

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