Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sasha's Silver and Luna

Sash's silver is another high silver content glass, from Precision104 (you might remember it as one of the Rocio Bearer glasses.)

A lovely shade of blue, it is a different colour whether encased or not. The bicone was made with a core of clear. Trails of Sasha's Silver in the middle, and Luna (Double Helix) on the end. The whole bead was partially encased and shaped. Some fo the Sasha's Silver and some of the Luna is encased, some is not.

These lentils were made pretty much the same way, but the trails of glass are smaller and thinner, and are mingled together instead of staying discrete. Again, they are a clear core, and partially encased. Mashing them into a brass press cools them more rapidly and seems to affect the colours as well.

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