Wednesday, May 14, 2008

CIM 346 Ghee

New colour from CIM - called Ghee. Ghee, as you may know if you indulge in eastern cooking, is clarified butter, and that is exactly what this looks like. Right down to the odd little streakiness that it has. Way cool!

It goes when hot, it turns white, and then strikes back to yellow. It can be struck more or less - the single bead was heated only on one side - so if you do nothing to strike it - it will go a light colour, like the rod, and if you work it longer, it will develop more colour. (Like the lower beads.)

This is a pretty cool colour - despite my not being a fan of yellow in general. I can definitely see a use for this in the earth tone palette and for those that love streaky glass. (That would be moi!)

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