Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Double Helix: Khaos and Psyche

It takes much longer to get one's head around the complex colours of the Double Helix glass than it does an ordinary, non-reactive glass. With all the variabilities and possibilities, sometimes, I'm not sure at first what is making the difference. But here are some of the possibilities!

This vessel is made with the top made of Psyche - which looks black, until you hit it with a reducing flame.

The body of the vessel is made with Dark Ivory (Vetro), and striped with Khaos. The Khaos looks ivory when applied, after being cooled and reheated many times in the creation of the handles, it looks purple. It comes out of the kiln darker than when it went in.

Notice that the reducing stage appears to have fumed the ivory as the high silver content of the Double Helix has an effect on the ivory glass.

This bumpy bead is Opal Yellow, dotted with ivory, dotted with Psyche, and reduced.

Note the fine black line that formed around the Psyche dots.

And finally, this is a yellow opal base, with stripes of Psyche, raked, and reduced. Note each stripe looks like about 7 different stripes. The Psyche here is a less intense colour (less glass to begin with) and is more greenish.

The Opal Yellow appears to have fumed as well.

I love exploring and playing with these colours!

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