Friday, May 16, 2008

CIM 644 Dusk and CIM 742 Sepia

Dusk and Sepia - sister colours with a secret! These two shocked me, as they are completely not the colour that they are in the rod before being worked!

Dusk and Sepia arrive as light transparent purple rods, Dusk reminding you of warm summer evenings at dark - in that special time I think of as "in between the can and the can't." Sepia just looks misnamed. I grew up with pen and ink drawings. I know what colour sepia is - purple it ain't!

However! Both colours come out of the kiln a transparent brown! Sepia is well named after all, and Dusk is the inappropriate name, unless we're thinking Dusk in some desert city with a sandstorm coming in!

Dusk is the darker of the two shades, but otherwise, they are very similar. Left, is Dusk over Heffalump (more on that in a bit) and on the right is dusk over ivory.

I was quite surprised at the colour change in these two, and I hear that one of them does interesting reactions - although I haven't tracked them down yet.

This vessel is sepia over silver foil, and has produced a nice rich antique gold look, much like the very expensive Moretti Straw colour.

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