Friday, May 16, 2008

CIM 645 Heffalump

What a stunningly beautiful colour in the rod. What a b---- to photograph!

Heffalumps and woozles - anyone with kids knows the nightmarish heffalump, a soft purpley-elephantish beast. The rods of glass are a truly beautiful colour, exactly heffalump colour, but photographing them! Oh my! I'm no slouch in the photography department, but the first photo on the right is the best I can get, which is under pure incandescent light and grossly underexposed.

These next pictures (the wrap is EDP) shows how washed out the colour becomes. This glass does NOT show an obvious colour change to the human eye, unlike Alexandrite or the colour shift blue/lavendar of the Moretti colour palette. It is just exhibiting a colour that the CCD of the camera cannot capture.

Overall - a pretty colour, a soft, pale purple but those who make beads for sale online will curse it - as getting a good picture of it will be a challenge.

This last picture is CIM Sapphire over Heffalump. A pretty purple combination - I had to adjust it in Photoshop to get an accurate colour representation though.

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