Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Vetro 987 - Dark Lichen - Odd lot

This is the first one I tried in a new series of Vetrofond glasses that are really cool. Sometime ago, I was saying it would be nice to see some streaky glasses - and here they are! Woohoo.

As a rod - this looks like a black-lined amber. When working, it looks like coffee and licorice. Or maybe kahlua and black sambuca. The amber part strikes to a cafe o lait, but the black stays black and the overall effect is a streaky marble look. Tres cool.

Soft like an opaque. Drop off shocky - which, when I say that, means it is hard to get a gather large enough to make a bead because the end keeps falling off. (As opposed to exploding shocky). I'd give this a buy recommendation if you like an interesting marble look for a background or as a standalone for sculptural work. I'll be buying more.

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