Wednesday, September 26, 2007

CIM 229 - Clockwork Orange

What colour do you think Clockwork would be? Orange of course. Unlike the original Clockwork orange, which was a metaphor for the ultimate in uselessness - I suppose today it would be a cellular grapefruit or a wi-fi lemon - anyway - I can definitely see using this colour.

A real "orange crush" colour in the raw rod - a colour I usually refer to as Agent Orange and is approximately the same colour as the sweet and sour orange sauce that comes with the chicken balls - I thought for sure that I had overstruck the large bead on the left. It has gone cloudy in the core (see next picture for backlit version), but I thought it had gone livery too, and it came out of the kiln very nice. This glass strikes very slowly - so you can do a nice controlled strike to get just the degree of orange you want - see bead on far right.

Striking refresher: Heat glass to clear - let cool to not glowing - re-introduce to flame, watch colour develop.

This glass is also drop off shocky, and the streak in the left bead is actually picked up glass from the gather falling off. I thought I had burned it at the time, but it's just another glass.

A really delicious juicy colour.

I really thought I had overstruck the left bead - but I'm quite pleased. The glass also appears to scum while working - a fine layer of bubbles - but this disappears after cooling and striking.

Overall - recommend. This glass may look like it's a problem when working, but comes out of the kiln very nice!

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