Wednesday, September 26, 2007

023 - Pastel Moretti Mosaic Green - Transparent NOT!

This was labeled "Transparent" - Ha! NOT! It is a nice streaky green - very creamy to work and very soft.

Some interesting possibilities if reduced - note the metallic and reddish effects on some of these. These are:

  • top row, centre, straight spacer
  • second row from top: left - reduced, right bicone - w silver wire dots.
  • third row from top: mashed, with black streaks, and flattened bicone - with Hades stringer. Reduced, shows some red.
  • Far right, cylinder. Heavily reduced - showing metallic and reddish.

A really cool glass, but I love this emerald green and I've always been fond of Mosaic green since I once mistook it for black (last batch I had looked like black - this batch looks green opaque) and had a whole bunch of very surprising beads come out of the kiln!

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