Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Vetro 985 - Moss Agate - Odd Lot

The raw rods look almost black - just a thin layer of amber over a black core.

This was a little bit of a disappointment coming out of the kiln - when hot, the colour variation is much more obvious - in normal lighting - it could pass for black with slight streaks.

Drop off shocky - the spoon is made on a rod of clear, because the gather just kept dropping off the rod.

The second photo has a lot of light so that you can see some variations in the colour. Note a smidge of red and green.

I did reduce this, I'm not sure that it made a huge difference. I think this one needs more experimentation - it may do some interesting reactive things with other glasses.

I'd recommend this for people who enjoy experimenting - no so much if that is not your thing.

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