Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Double Helix Thallo, and taking better pictures.

Generally - the primary problem with photography is the light, and getting enough of it. But in the case of iridescence or lustres or reduction effects - less might be more.

Another run at Thallo has netted me some very nice looking pieces, with a rich rainbow lustre.

The fuming of the glass from the reduction turns some of the green glass to a topaz colour - which you don't really notice in real life, but can look odd in the photos.

 This just does not accurately portray how the glass looks when you see it. It is technically accurate, but not, because that is how it is, but not how you see it.
 Time to try something different. The same exposure, with a black background reveals that cleaning black velvet is a lost cause.

But, crank down the exposure and bingo - the dust and dog hair disappears, and the glass comes to life. 
 Wowsers. Nice, eh? And when you look at these - that's what you notice, the rainbow lustre.

 So these pictures are darker, and a little moodier, but definitely more attractive.

Hmmm - that gives me an idea ...

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