Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Double Helix TerraNova

Terra Nova - this is probably Terra2 - judging from the label.

I understand that Terra Nova needs to be worked hot and then cooled, but I find it challenging to get it clear hot and retain some control - as it is then soupy.

Those don't look too bad - let's see them more like they would look without the studio lights.

OK - reasonably acceptable.

So what I did was - make a flat disk on the wire in clear. Heated the TerraNova to absolutely clear hot. Dripped it onto the clear - because at that point, dripping was all it would do - there was no control possible. Mashed it. Let it cool to not glowing. At which point it had gone dark, dark amber. Struck it gently - and let it cool. Repeat. Repeat. Fourth strike - as a reduction flame - above the candles. Take it out of the flame, let it cool while heating a gather of clear. Bang the clear down on top and mash to spread. Reheat enough to get the cuts into the glass.

I did make a particular point of not having any of the glass from the rod that was not heated to clear hot get onto the leaf. I made sure that all the TerraNova was clear as clear could be.

This one just got away from me. This is what I usually get. I think my attention wandered.
 You can see on the backs there is no trace of the purples and blues. Whatever is going on, it is a surface thing.

I dunno. I'll have to think on this.

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