Saturday, January 14, 2017

Double Helix Melia

Double Helix Melia is a reduction glass. Double Helix says it is "a satin textured, iridescent luster glass."
They also say that is is related to Arke, Iris, and Iaso and that it has at least three types of luster effect: silver, iridescent, and a textured satin finish." 

They also say that super heating Melia will cause separation in the components, giving you striations and veining when reduced. I have observed that, but at this point, I can remember if it was with Iris or Melia - as I wasn't in testing mode at that time (i.e. writing things down.)

The unworked rod is a very attractive teal green, and the reduced items do seem to have a greenish overtone. 

 I do think it is prettier and easier to use than Iris - a little more colour to the reduction.

 Strongly backlit.

Only more usage will reveal if I continue to prefer it. 

The "textured satin finish" that they refer to - I have seen it once or twice - Usually when I am making something that I am about to encase, and so it gets encased and I don't get a chance to photograph it. Whether it would survive annealing - I don't know. I have always assumed not, but maybe I should not encase it next time I see it.

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